NEW Freedom From Pelvic Pain Masterclass Reveals...

How to Live Without Crippling Pelvic Pain, Stress, and Embarrassment In As Little As 90 Days ...*

Even if it seems hopeless

Here's just a peek at what you’ll learn during our Masterclass:*

  • It’s not “In your head” as you may have been told
  • ​ Learn - in the comfort of your HOME - how to feel better, have less pain, and live your life the way you want
  • The #1 method to stop the cycle of endless tension, pain, and anxiety
  • Be able to talk with your doctor or partner... even if you’ve felt uncomfortable about it for years
  • ​The REAL reason using medication or physical therapy alone rarely works long term ... and the innovative approach that has allowed past sufferers to find lasting freedom
  • How to regain control of your situation and live the calm and peaceful life you truly deserve
  • ​Learn what our clients do to sleep deeply and avoid waking up in pain, bring back their spark and energy, and no longer worry about their symptoms
  • Stop the destructive "what if" thinking that leads to anxiety ... even if you're not sure you can do it!
  • ​Discover how to alleviate pelvic pain without invasive and expensive therapy sessions

Meet Your Instructors

Carolyn Messere, MD

Dr. Carolyn Messere is a board-certified colon and rectal surgeon who is also trained in functional and holistic medicine. 

She's helped hundreds of people with chronic pelvic pain live better, more comfortable lives.  

Her approach combines evidence-based treatments with natural techniques she has found effective.*

    Steve McGough, DHS

    Dr. Steve McGough, has a DHS focusing on clinical sexology, and women’s pelvic health.  

    He's the creator of the hi® massage system for pelvic health.   hi® provides a non-invasive method to rapidly relax pelvic muscles, through your clothing - at home.

    Over the last decade, thousands of women  have experienced the benefits of hi® for relaxation and pelvic health.  Steve has multiple US/International patents on methods and devices for women's pelvic health.

      Together, Dr. Messere and Dr. McGough have created a powerful program - integrating the best practices from traditional medical approaches with new highly effective natural techniques.*

      These include major enhancements on proven techniques - such as the “Wise-Anderson” protocol. This provides a non-invasive method using hi® to rapidly relax pelvic muscles, through your clothing - at home.*

      The result is an easy to follow method that can change your life.*

      This Masterclass Is Your 
      Key to Success With 
      Chronic Pelvic Pain*

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